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Tongzhou General Construction Bureau, founded in 1949, has been established for more than 70 years. Here, on behalf of the company's 10,000 building athletes, I would like to express my highest respect to the owners, people from all walks of life and leaders at all levels who have long cared about and supported our work in all aspects.
Years are like songs. During the long journey of half a century, we have conquered difficulties one after another with iron will, discipline and fighting spirit, leaving behind a series of solid footprints.
—— Enterprise qualification is promoted from national level to senior level.
—— Construction category extends and expands from single civil engineering to municipal public utilities, rail transit, building decoration, steel structure, lifting equipment, intelligent communication, real estate development, harbor affairs, ancient gardens, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, building curtain wall, foundation, fire protection and other fields. It has 22 professional subsidiaries and 12 districts. Domain companies and 53 entity companies, and has a design institute and a secondary vocational college, a wide range of areas, strong construction capacity.
—— After the restructuring, the company has shown a leap-forward momentum of development, with an annual construction area of more than 40 million square meters, an annual construction output value of more than 30 billion yuan, and a tax profit of more than 800 million yuan.
In the course of more than 60 years, we have not only paid attention to the expansion of quantity, but also to the improvement of quality. We have built a project and built a monument. While casting excellent architectural works, we have also paid attention to creating the image of the enterprise, playing a song of triumph in building the motherland and contributing to the society.
—— The company has won 13 Jianluban Awards, 10 National Awards, 7 Zhan Tianyou Awards, 2 National Customer Satisfaction Projects, 54 Provincial Customer Satisfaction Projects, and more than 300 Provincial Quality Projects such as Magnolia and Yangtze Cup. It has won 10 national laws, 70 provincial laws, 3 National Science and technology demonstration projects, 56 provincial science and technology demonstration projects, 8 provincial science and technology progress awards and more than 30 national patents.
—— The Group Company has been awarded the title of "Top 20 Comprehensive Strength of Construction Enterprises" by Jiangsu Provincial Government for successive years, and has been awarded the title of "Best Enterprise", "Super Credit Enterprise" and "Advanced Quality Management Unit", "Advanced Unit of Scientific and Technological Progress", "Advanced Collective of Safety and Civilization Construction" in Jiangsu Province for successive years. Yes, the company has successively won "National Excellent Enterprises in Quality Management of Engineering Construction", "National Advanced Construction Enterprises of Quality and Benefit Type", "National Customer Satisfaction Construction Enterprises", "National Engineering Construction Rest-assured Enterprises", "National Excellent Construction Enterprises", "National Contract-abiding, Credit-Valuing Enterprises" and "Chinese Enterprises". Best image AAA class "and other honors, entered the ranks of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, ranked in ENR China Contractors 60 in succession, ranked as China's leading construction enterprises.
Over the past 70 years, no matter how brilliant the achievements are, Tongzhou Jianzhou can only explain that in the past, in the upsurge of revitalizing China's new round of construction and development, we will bravely set up the tide, hold high the banner of "striving for harmony, creating win-win situation together", uphold the concept of "building high-quality products, contributing to society", build the general construction company and create great products. Brand, strive for great development, stride forward on the new high-level qualification platform, add bricks and tiles to the development of enterprises, and make further achievements for the construction of the motherland.
Wish Tongzhou Jianzhu a better tomorrow!

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