Business logo

Logo is composed of two letters of “j” and “A”, mainly from “Jianzhu (construction)” and “Anzhuang (installation)”, the major business of the company.
The color of main part of the pattern uses grey symbolizing perseverance, solidness and solemnity, deriving from the color of cement which is the most representative in building materials, showing the business scope of the company.
The red round dot in “j” is like the sum and symbolizes brightness and hope, indicating that the company’s business is bright and promising and that the company in the future will be booming and flourishing. The entire “j” is exactly like a hovering and flying great dragon, meaning that the company constantly forges ahead, develops and grows, gives full play to its own leading role and carries forward the spirit of the dragon to reach the new heights of the construction industry.
“A” is like a skyscraper (exactly like the office building of the corporate headquarters). It is the first letter for 26 English letters, representing the qualification and grade of the company (the enterprise with special qualification for general construction contract of building construction engineering), as well as the credit rating of the company (Grade AAA) and image level (the best enterprise image grade AAA in China), and meanwhile it demonstrates the excellent and brilliant achievements made by the company for many years.

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