Business License



Serial number: 320683000201207240347S
Registration number: 320683000130513       (9/20)

Name: Tongzhou Construction General Contracting Group Co., Ltd. 
Location: No.34, Xinjin Road, Jinsha Town, Tongzhou District, Nantong City 
Legal Representative: Zhang Xiaohua
Registered Capital: CNY414,319,000
Paid-in Capital: CNY414,319,000
Type of Enterprise: Limited Liability Company (stock controlled by natural person)
Scope of Business: Licensed items: Dispatching laborers abroad((excluding seamen)
        Ordinary items: Construction engineering survey and design; general contracting of house building construction (Super grade); municipal utility projects (Grade II); general contracting of highway, railway, port and fairway, water resources & hydroelectric engineering construction, general project contracting and project management business; steel structure projects (Grade I), electromechanical equipment installation projects (Grade II), building decoration and finishing projects (Grade I), landscape and ancient building projects (Grade II), building curtain wall projects (Grade III); timber processing, cement products and concrete structure construction (non load-bearing) and fabrication & processing of metal building components; building engineering management service; contracting of overseas industrial and civil engineering projects and domestic international bidding projects, and export of equipment & materials required by overseas projects mentioned above as well as dispatching human resources required for implementing the overseas projects mentioned above. (The items above cannot be operated beyond the scope of qualification license).
Date of Foundation: December 1, 1958
Term of Duration:  From March 1, 1990 to March 5, 2053

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